Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally, the BBQ season starts in a few more weeks

Finally, the snow has all melted away, and it's feeling more like spring all the time!
We have 3 weeks (roughly) to get ready for the first two comps of the year (for us)

First is Westmont, the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, and then the following weekend, there are 2 local comps, one as Sams Club in Evergreen Park on Fri-Sat, the second at Araibian Nights Stables, in Willowbrook. We didn't register in time to do the Evergreen Pk. But I'm glad we didn't, as now we have a party to cater that Saturday. Fortunately, it's a dropoff (as opposed to staying on site to serve) so we should still be able to make the comp without issue.

So now it's time to sharpen all the knives, open up, air out, and restock the 20 year old pop-up (shooting to get a newer toy hauler in the not-to distant future if we can swing it) Got to weigh out and vac-pack the injection mixes, restock any seasonings we're low on, and pack it up for the road. Since both the 2 comps in May/June are local, I won't do the wheel bearings until after them, but before the trek to Iron Mountain MI.

We had to break down and buy a portable air conditioner. The built in one in the pop-up died, and since it's so old, we'd need to get a new one which is just too cost prohibitive. Was cheaper to get a portable 13000 BTU unit that we should be able to set up right under where the existing one is. I don't do so good in excessive heat. Have gotten pretty ill at a few comps when the mercury is up there, so need to keep cool! (it so sucks getting old!)

We're looking forward to seeing old freinds, and making some new ones as the summer season gets wound up! I'll try to get lots of photos to add to our next entry.

That's about all for now, except to say thanks to the two folks kind enough to sign up as followers! Nice to know somebody out there is listening, even if only once in a while!


  1. Memorial Day weekend wouldn't be the same without Westmont. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

    -Logjammin' BBQ

  2. Sorry we missed you David. Hope you're feeling better