Monday, August 30, 2010

So now the second half begins...

So, the trailer is all packed for next weekends comp in Milwaukee. All that's left to do is get the meat, pack the truck, and go! Such a difference from two years ago, when it took two days of lunacy to try and get everything packed...and so much brought that we didn't need! I suppose it's the boy scout mentality, "be prepared" ! Thing is, we've realized we don't really bring that much less these days, be just pack it all in a much more efficient manner.  We used to be the last team to leave, because it took so long to pack up. Now, if we're late getting out, it's because we've been chatting with our fellow competitors, and saying thank you to some of the events' supporting staff.

Milwaukee promises to be a challenge! Andy and Kim of Smoke on Wheels BBQ will be returning to defend their championship from last year, and they are on a tear this year! 12 comps, 3 Grand Championships, and 2 Reserve Grands! Congrats guys!!! Also looks like Walt and Theresa of Smokin' Scotsmen will make it. Going into last weekend they were still not sure.  And we'll be setting up next to our freinds Beth and Nick of Moose BBQ. I know many of our other bbq freinds will be there as well. Should be a great start to Labor Day weekend!

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